Drug addiction or call it substance dependency has been a major complication for a very long time. For decades people have suffered and even now, they are suffering.


What is Drug Addiction

  • Drug addiction is termed a disease that majorly affects the nervous system(i.e. brain) and general behavior of a person. 
  • After a particular period, the person suffers from an inability to control the use of drugs and other normal behavioral changes. 
  • Materials such as alcohol,  weed and tobacco are considered under the category of drugs. 
  • Under peer pressure, or social situations people try it for experimental use. 
  • But with time it becomes so often to them that it gets converted into addiction.
  • Drug addiction is not only caused by alcohol or other substances but it is also seen that people, under opioid medication are seen addicted to it.
  • Dependency on drugs is a time-dependent factor and it varies from drug to drug regarding how fast the addiction is. 
  • With time, intake of the drug increases because the body’s threshold for the drug also increases. 

Drug addiction is fatal and also may lead to physical illness and various other problems. Such addictions need therapeutic help from doctors, and support from friends or family. 

There are some organized drug addiction treatments available in almost every city such as Rehabilitation centers in Delhi and Gurgaon.



Medicine dependence symptoms or behaviors include, among others 

  •  Feeling that you have to use the drug daily — daily or indeed miscellaneous times a day 
  •  Having deadly urges for the drugs that block out any other work. 
  • Over the period, demanding an excessive amount of drugs to get the same effect.
  •  Taking larger portions of the substances over a longer period than one intends.  
  • Spending money on drugs though you cannot afford it. 
  • Constant use of substances like weed, etc. in spite of knowing it’s inducing health troubles in your life or affecting your physical or cerebral detriment.
  •   Indulging in activities to get drugs that you typically wouldn’t do, such as stealing. 
  •   When you are under the influence of drugs you can do dangerous activities that could be fatal. 
  •  Spending valuable time getting drugs. 
  •  Failing in trials to quit the use of drugs.



Sometimes it’s hard to affirm why an individual became addicted to drugs. Investigators believe that drug addiction doesn’t arise due to any single cause, instead, there can be numerous elements involved jointly. 

Some most common causes of drug addiction are as follows:

HEREDITARY:  It is yet not clear which specific gene is responsible for causing addiction but now it is identified that addictions do have a genetic factor involved.

Individuals who have a history of drug abuse in the family, primarily by any family members are more prone to acquire drug addiction. 

INBORN BRAIN DEFICIENCY: It is believed that some individuals might lack some neurotransmitters which provoke a feeling of pleasure. So to provoke the feeling of pleasure individuals do use drugs. 

Environmental factors

Individuals born in households where addiction runs as a common day to day livelihood are more plausible to develop a drug abuse disease.

 Moreover, individuals who initiate the intake of drugs prematurely are often more prone to acquire a dependence later in life.

Psychological: Multiple people strive with undertreated or undiagnosed mental disorders. Such individuals may become addicted to drug abuse as a means of self-medicating the symptoms of their mental disease.

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The brutal reality is the after-effects of drug addiction such as systemic diseases, deaths and many others. 

The use of drugs over a long period interferes with the organs of the body. Therefore causing destructive effects. 

Below are some drug abuse causes .

  • Drug addiction damages the immune system which leads an individual prone to infections. 
  • Excessive intake of drugs causes heart problems like heart failure. 
  • Vomiting, nausea and pain in the abdomen. 
  • Excessive excretion by liver and liver dysfunction. 
  • Convulsions. 
  • Drug addiction majorly affects the nervous system, alters the memory of an individual as well as decreases the ability of decision making. 

There are also some awful impacts of drug addiction that aren’t health-related. 

Drug abuse can have numerous adverse outcomes on an individual’s social and emotional well being. Such like 

  • Unemployment 
  • Lose friends and family. 
  • Detention
  • Economic imbalance. 
  • Homeless 
  • Abusive sexual behavior



Drug Addiction treatment is not a single-step procedure. Addiction Treatments are different for different individuals according to their needs. 

  • One can select the addiction treatment that serves best for them. 
  • Drug addiction treatment is based on the type of drug that the individual intakes. 
  • It requires addiction treatment according to the level of drug abuse. 
  • Also, the individuals need to take care of their mental and overall health. 

Enlisting the most common treatments from drug rehabilitation that have marked success. 


Medically boost detox allows an individual to clear their body from drugs in a protected atmosphere. 

  • Detoxification is effective because sometimes withdrawal of drugs can induce undesirable or sometimes fatal physical symptoms. 
  • Detox isn’t used as individual therapy and is accompanied by other drug addiction treatments. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a beneficial addiction treatment mechanism as it can be utilized for several types of addiction. 

  • as it is not restricted to, food addiction, alcohol addiction, and prescribed drug addictions. 
  •  This therapy not only just helps to figure out the behavioral changes in an individual. 
  • But also helps in planning good and effective treatment plans. 
  • CBT can also be combined with other therapeutic procedures. 

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT)  assists an individual to recognize their negative emotions and thoughts. 

  • provide ways to withstand the emotions of self-denial. 
  • The ultimate purpose of REBT is to allow the patients to understand that the strength of rational thinking falls within themselves only and aren’t associated with outer circumstances or stressors.
  • Such therapies need to be conducted in rehabilitation centers. 

Drug rehab is a crucial procedure which should be performed carefully. 

There are 5 stages of drug rehab. 

  1. Control of swelling and pain 
  2. Enhance the spectrum of motion 
  3. Improvement in strength and balance activity. 
  4. Specific training or training of interest. 
  5. Return to normal activities.



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