If you or a friend or family member is experiencing a different type of addiction problem or dependency on liquor, drug, or physician-stated medication then it’s high time that you should connect with a doctor for the proper treatment.

While the medications and addictions are different from one another, each can genuinely influence your everyday life, obliterate significant connections, cause work misfortunes, and lead to lawful issues. 

Let’s understand more about different types of addiction, their symptoms, causes, and the other factors related to it.


What are the different types of Addiction?

The following are different types of addictions that people all over the world suffer daily. – 

  • Alcohol addiction 

Alcohol Addiction, otherwise called liquor abuse, is an illness that influences individuals of varying backgrounds. Specialists have attempted to pinpoint factors like hereditary, sex, race, or economics that may incline somebody to alcohol addiction. In any case, it has no single reason. Mental, genetic, and social elements could contribute to having it.

  • Drug addiction 

It is one of the most famous types of addiction-While a few people use medications, for example, cannabis and cocaine for having fun, there are others for whom medications become drug addiction. The powerful impacts of medications like heroin and cocaine can frequently lead to addiction, with people being unable to control their inclination to take the substance. 

  • Professionally prescribed medicine addiction-

Some painkillers prescribed by the doctors may lead to ill effects in individuals who misuse them in any way. It is recommended that these medicines be taken temporarily and should never be misused, but those who don’t follow the instructions properly might get addicted to them.

  • Betting addiction

The individuals who are affected by a betting compulsion frequently become dependent on the excitement of betting. They may begin betting/gambling in the desire for getting a ‘major win’. However, as time passes by, they become fixated on the thoughts of betting and the expectation of winning. 

  • Eating addiction 

Eating addictions are otherwise called food addictions, and they can obliterate the existence of those affected. The most well-known dietary problems are anorexia and bulimia. Eating addictions are classed as an unfortunate or unusual attitude towards food. 

  • Gaming addiction 

Numerous young people invest quite a bit of their energy nowadays living in a virtual world. They socialize through the web and think that it is hard to communicate with individuals regularly. Many gaming addicts invest hours of energy playing on the web and forgot to take a rest, which can cause serious medical conditions.


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Common symptoms of addiction

The signs and symptoms of addiction can fluctuate from one individual to another and can rely upon the different types of addiction that you are experiencing. Nonetheless, there are a few signs that are normal to most types of addiction. These include: 

Psychological indications of addiction: 

  • Sudden changes in mood
  • Expanded temper 
  • Fatigue
  • Suspicion 
  • Protectiveness 
  • Unsettling 
  • Failure to center or think 
  • Misguided thinking 

Actions and collective symptoms of addiction

  • Uncommunicative or lying conduct 
  • Poor showing or non-participation at work or school 
  • Withdrawing from obligation
  • Showing antisocial behavior 
  • Losing interest in exercises, diversions, or occasions that were once essential to you 

Physical manifestations of addictions: 

  • Absence of concern over actual appearance/individual cleanliness 
  • Uneven sleeping patterns, including a sleeping disorder


Causes of addiction

There is no fixed cause of addiction through several times things can make a person addicted.

Following are the cause of addiction that can add to an individual becoming dependent: 

  • Hereditary
  • Climate 
  • Gatherings of people 
  • Individual trauma
  • Certain circumstances
  • Energy changes: sudden and exceptionally drained or dynamic
  • Weight reduction or gain
  • Mind
  • Excessive use of any substance


However, there is no specific thing that can lead an individual to be addicted. There is no particular injury, trauma, or experience that somebody will go through that can naturally cause addiction. Growing up with an addicted person won’t naturally make you one. 

Habit is unpredictable and it isn’t anybody’s fault. 

What causes addiction for one individual will be quietly unique concerning what causes it for another person.

If you feel you are getting any type of addiction mentioned above; then it is high time to consult a doctor immediately.


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Withdrawal symptoms of addiction

Withdrawal is the blend of physical and mental impacts that individuals may experience after they stop utilizing or decreasing their intake of a substance like liquor, drug, or others. 

Withdrawal can be disagreeable and possibly dangerous at times. Hence, you ought to consistently converse with your primary care doctor before stopping or diminishing your utilization of a substance. 

Withdrawal symptoms may include:

Symptoms of withdrawal can keep changing depending upon the type of addiction or the substance you were taking. A few symptoms regularly connected with withdrawal include: 

  • Changes in hunger 
  • Changes in mind-set 
  • Choking 
  • Exhaustion 
  • Touchiness 
  • Muscle torment 
  • Sickness 
  • Runny nose 
  • Unsteadiness 
  • Vomiting
  • Excessive sweat
  • Insomnia

More extreme signs like visualizations, seizures, incoherence may likewise happen in certain situations. The kind of medication, its time span, and dose, all would be able to have resulted in the type and seriousness of the withdrawal symptoms you experience.

Diverse restoration treatments for addiction

Addiction is treatable though not all paths to recovery are very similar. Backslides is unusual so the recovery may take time. Some of the standard treatment moves that can be used are:

  • Psychotherapy: Cognitive behavior treatment might be applied to address the thought and standards of conduct that add to addictions. Different treatments that might be practiced include the possibility of the executives, family treatment, and gathering therapy.
  • Prescriptions: This may incorporate meds to treat addiction and withdrawal signs; just as other medications to treat fundamental mental issues like tension or panic. Drugs that might be recommended are methadone, buprenorphine, nicotine substitution treatments, and naltrexone. 
  • Hospitalization: in unusual circumstances, individuals might be hospitalized to treat conceivably certain complications while they detox from a substance. 

Although there are a few ways of thinking that influence the requirement for complete control, numerous individuals can figure out how to control habit-forming practices, like drinking, eating, shopping, and sex. The methodology that will be best for you relies upon numerous elements so, you should consult your doctor for the best possible treatment.


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Help in your battle with addiction is a phone call away

If you are battling addiction, there is no compelling reason to battle it all alone. 

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