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What is bipolar disorder?

Alternatively called a manic-depressive condition, bipolar disorder is a mental debility which happens in episodes. It causes irregular mood swings from depressive lows to maniacal highs with altering activity and energy levels. Depressive phases usually have signs of low interest and energy in regular activities. Maniacal phases involve full energy, minimal sleep requirements and loss of contact with reality. These mood episodes commonly extend over some days or months. In extremities, they may cause suicidal thoughts. 

Bipolar disorder and suicide

A bipolar disorder patient is highly prone to suicide. Below are the suicide risk factors:

  • Family history of sexual or physical misuse
  • Earlier suicidal attempts
  • Family history of mental conditions
  • Previous suicidal attempts of any close relative or friend
  • Possessing a firearm in the house

Suicidal symptoms

If your loved one is vulnerable to suicide, ensure not to leave him/her alone. First, get the assistance of a medical professional as soon as possible. Below are some suicidal signs:

  • Before attempting, a person usually talks about suicide
  • Always having death-related thoughts
  • An attitude of being worthless and hopeless
  • Constant depression and thinking that his/her absence can make things better
  • Sudden mood swings from extreme sadness to happiness and calmness
  • Wishing of death
  • Loss of interest in once-upon-a-time favourite things
  • Giving away personal possessions
  • Worsened sleep pattern or complete sleeplessness
  • Agitation or restlessness
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Engagement in life-threatening or dangerous things

When the negative emotions of the bipolar disorder become intensified, one might find it hard to cope up and cause self-injury to overcome those emotions. Hence, he/she must be looked after with high attention and care 24X7. 

Suicidal causes

Certain situational indicators may arise in the victim’s mind amid suicidal inclinations. These may be:

  • Death of somebody special
  • Loss of relationship from rejection or separation
  • Poor financial security
  • Diagnosis of some critical conditions
  • Change in appearances
  • Lack of self-esteem
  • Loss of employment
  • Sexual, physical or emotional abuse

Bipolar disorder treatment

Bipolar disorder treatment in Gurgaon involves the following: 


Recommended medications can be:

  • Mood stabilizers like Lithobid (lithium)
  • Antipsychotics like Zyprexa (olanzapine)
  • Antidepressant-antipsychotics like Symbyax (fluoxetine-olanzapine)
  • Benzodiazepines, a kind of anti-anxiety drug like Xanax (alprazolam) which might be utilised for short-term therapy


Suggested psychotherapies are:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy

It is a form of talk therapy. You’ll talk with us about how to manage your bipolar disorder. We’ll assist you in understanding thinking patterns and discuss positive coping techniques with you.

  • Psychoeducation

It is a form of counselling where we’ll help you and your dear ones comprehend the condition. This can help you all to manage it better. 

  • IPSRT (Interpersonal and social rhythm therapy)

It aims to regulate regular habits like exercising, eating and sleeping. Balancing these daily basics can aid in better management of your disorder.

Other treatment alternatives

  • ECT (electroconvulsive therapy)
  • Acupuncture
  • Supplements 
  • Sleep medications

Lifestyle changes

  • Maintain a routine for sleeping and eating
  • Learn to understand mood swings
  • Seek a relative or friend for supporting your treatment plans
  • Consult a licensed healthcare provider or doctor

Natural remedies

The supplements and herbs below can aid in stabilising your mood and improving bipolar disorder symptoms:

  • Fish oil

According to a 2013 study, individuals who have plenty of fish oil and fish are less vulnerable to bipolar disorder. You may have more fish for receiving the oil naturally or get an over-the-counter supplement.

  • Rhodiola Rosea

Another research reveals that this particular plant might be beneficial to treat moderate depression. It might help relieve bipolar disease signs. 

  • SAMe (S-adenosylmethionine)

It refers to an amino acid supplement. Research reveals that it can cure signs of major depression and other mood problems.  

Many other vitamins and minerals can also ease bipolar disease symptoms. 

Prevention for suicide

  • Creating a suicide-safety plan

Try working together with somebody trustworthy like any family member or friend for creating a suicide-safety plan. It must make you remember warning indications and risk factors which comprise the feelings, thoughts, images and events which arise suicidal inclinations within you. Also, a list of activities must be prepared for comforting and calming you. Body scan meditation and breathing exercises may be beneficial. Write down the motivations for your living. If you feel suicidal or distressful, try refocusing your mind on these points until all the suicidal thoughts descend. 

  • Seek a psychotherapist

In psychotherapy, you along with your family or loved one will meet a mental health professional for discussing all the issues you face. After that, the psychotherapist arranges for counselling sessions for helping you with coping strategies. Behavioural therapy can also aid in learning to handle emotional distress. We provide these therapies of high quality.  

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