We do experience both, good as well as bad times in our lives. It may or may not be in our hands to control these situations. However, when a person is going through a difficult situation, and if things are not going well, they may suffer mentally. This can lead to fear and depression in their mind. When they feel helpless and tired of their lives, suicidal thoughts may strike their mind, which is never an option!

Whenever you are depressed and facing suicidal thoughts, then you must consult Dr. Anil Yadav. These thoughts commonly appear in your mind when you are going through a bad time. We have recently seen several suicidal cases in our community. When we hear the news of people committing suicide, we began to think in the same direction. The moment this thought strikes your mind, you must consult our psychiatrist without any delay.

What are the Symptoms of Depression?

You may not know if you are actually suffering from depression. Rather when people think they are depressed, it often comes out to be something different. Therefore, let us discuss some symptoms that a person experiences if they are going through depression.

If you often feel guilty or sad about any incident and when it starts bothering you, then you may be depressed. When you feel a lack of interest in performing things that you used to like doing, then this could be due to depression. In case anyone is constantly bullying or threatening you, then can be the reason for this serious mental problem. Financial problems or anything about your job can cause depression.

It is often difficult for a person to figure out whether they are depressed or not. The need for a psychiatrist arrives here. You need to visit the best psychiatrist in gurgaon Dr. Anil Yadav if you experience a bad mood followed by any of the above-discussed symptoms.

Why Do People Commit Suicide?

Reports have shown that people who commit suicide were going through mental trauma and were not consulting any mental doctor. They were experiencing a bad time and a number of problems. However, when life presents all these problems, and when we face them, it makes us stronger and even more successful.

People think of suicide as an option to quit all the problems they are currently facing in their lives. When they have not consulted any doctor or eliminated all the sources of positively, they feel hopeless. Studies also show that people commit suicide when they lose something that was quite special to them. They were not able to bear the loss. Apart from that, when a person is going through an illness or a health issue, they lose hope and see suicide as an option. Therefore, these are some of the reasons why people feel depressed and commit suicide.

How to deal with depression and suicidal thoughts?

The ability to bear the loss or get over bad times of life differs from person to person. If a person is not strong enough to handle this mental state of mind, they suffer from depression. When depression is not treated properly for a long time, then a person may give up their life. Thus, you must go through the ways to deal with depression and suicidal thoughts to make yourselves ready for tough situations in your lives.

  • Visit a Psychiatrist Periodically:

Don’t you visit a physician when you suffer from cough and cold, fever, or any such physical health problem? Then in a similar manner, visiting a psychiatrist is a must when you are going through mental problems. Sharing everything with them and receiving mental therapy will assist you in eliminating negative vibes and depression. Dr. Anil Yadav is one of the best psychotherapists in the country and consulting him to cure depression or suicidal thoughts is a wise decision.

  • Do Not Lose Hope:

Life is balanced by good and bad times. If you are feeling sad today, then things will definitely turn your side and happiness will surely approach you tomorrow! If you will work hard during a difficult time, then you will be successful and a more happy man for sure. Just do not lose hope. Keep working hard and wait for things to get normal again.

  • Do Not Overthink:

When you are experiencing anxiety, you are never in your present. You are either thinking about your past or future. Rather than overthinking and getting depressed, you must give the best in your present. This will ensure that your future is secured. Also, if you are working hard, you will get some hope which will eliminate negativity. 

  • Watch or Listen Something Interesting:

If you are feeling depressed, you need something that can boost your confidence and make you joyful. Therefore, you must watch something entertaining. Taking a break and listening to motivational music can also help you to get rid of depression. When you watch or listen to something interesting, your mood will remain lighten-up and suicidal thoughts won’t strike your mind.

  • Meditation:

In order to deal with negativity and depression, you require a powerful mind. When you perform meditation on a regular basis, then your mind will gain strength to deal with such difficult situations in your life. Regular meditation will keep you positive and will not let suicidal thoughts bother your mind.


We all face depression at some point in our lives. But getting over it and rising up stronger is important. Suicide and giving up is never an option. You always have many things remaining in life to explore ahead. This is just a small chapter of your life. Just visit the best psychiatrist in gurgaon, Dr. Anil Yadav if you think you have the symptoms of depression or if suicidal thoughts are striking your mind. Mental therapies will make you feel much better and happier. Going through depression or suicidal thoughts is quite common and there is nothing to hesitate to consult a psychiatrist.

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