Drug rehabilitation (rehab) is a medical and psychotherapeutic treatment process for dependency on abusive substances such as alcohol, prescription drugs, and street drugs such as cannabis. Rehab is treatment care that helps you improve your ability and functioning to perform daily activities. These abilities could be cognitive (thinking and learning), mental or physical. A drug rehabilitation centre is a clinic where people suffering from addiction are provided with professional medical treatment and support to restart their personal and social well-being and lifestyle. 

Addiction is a complex; however, treatable condition. Brain structure and functioning are altered due to continuous substance abuse creating dependency. Drug abusers stay at risk of relapse even after a long period of cessation or abstinence as brain functioning persists longer. Individuals might experience drug withdrawal symptoms when they do not receive the drug. These symptoms can be hazardous for the patient and their respective family members.

Overall goals might be different for each person depending on the origin of the cause and its severity such as trauma, injuries, certain side effects from medical treatment, etc. The 5 things that you need to know about drug rehabilitation centre in Delhi are:


  • Compulsive behavior drives addiction

Addiction is a broad term that is known as a condition when a person becomes dependent on any particular substance or behavior. Addiction is primarily derived from a compulsion or desire or craving for certain substances. As addiction develops, an intense urge to consume abusive substances or activities kicks in which tends to release dopamine in the brain providing pleasure and relief.


  • Inherited addiction scenario

Science has posed some evidence linking genetic predisposition to the addiction of any substance abuse. The American Psychological Association (APA) states that “at least half of a person’s susceptibility to drug or alcohol addiction can be linked to genetic factors.” Persistent use also leads to a lack of control and developing tolerance to the drug which is also a cue of an addiction.


  • Environmental and Trauma

Addiction is often coupled with other psychiatric problems caused by peer influence or trauma. Individuals desiring to fit in a certain type of population along with lack of supervision may take them down the path of addiction. Science has also indicated that individuals who have experienced traumatic events are at greater risk of substance abuse as they tend to minimize the challenge or recovery facing.


  • Individualized treatment regimen yields better results

People who receive customary treatment based on their specific needs are more likely not to relapse. Bucket single treatment is not appropriate for everyone. The type of treatment therapy is essential to understand which is adequate according to your requirements and helps in productive functioning in the workplace, the society with the help of family support. Regimens could include behavioral therapies along with certain medications depending on the type of abuse.


  • Change is hard and takes time

The prime challenge for recovering addicts is to replace harmful habits and to form a new structure around them that will help in avoiding relapse. Addiction treatment is a long-time commitment for hard work and mental processing. If a relapse is observed at any point of treatment, strategy and therapy will be changed accordingly.

Rehab can benefit in many ways to resume your daily activities and live a content life.

  • Breaking the addiction cycle and lessens the physical pain
  • Knowledge and understanding of addiction along with better focus and memory
  • Healthily introspect in your issues and you will start feeling younger
  • Put together new habits and practices which will help in boosting your self-esteem
  • Enhanced self-confidence and ability to deal with the injury or issues psychologically
  • Enhanced body and immune function helping in maintaining sleep cycle
  • Establish a healthy physical and mental environment
  • Improves endurance by strength gain
  • Greater independence feeling with a mental well-being

An optimum way to overcome your addiction is by getting help from an addiction treatment program from a professional such as Dr. Anil Yadav. He is a renowned psychiatrist in Gurgaon  and trained from the best institutes equipped to handle all the situations that may arise while treating patients. His methods of treatment are ethical and best in class with an accurate diagnosis, specific treatment related to illness, and empathetic behavior towards his patients. We welcome you to discuss your challenges and requirements with us at our clinic. At our clinic, mental well-being is the mission and we understand that addiction is a disease that can devastate the patient and their loving families and friends. Please contact us or book an appointment to experience the professional and honest approach to achieve better mental care.

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